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Justinas Kuprys

Post-Production Sound Engineer & Multimedia Creator

My driving passion is making sound tell stories and creative media from photography, video production, and web design.

Let sight and sound stand out in your next project!


Creative Audio

To expand my sonic vocabulary, I have composed a couple of Electroacoustic and experimental pieces.

On Soundcloud are a couple of my compositions, experiments into discontinuity, soundscapes, the use of immersive space, and unique instrumentation.

The highest-scoring DCU B.Sc. in Multimedia dissertation, Petrichord is a game letting the player explore an isolated world and play their own music.

As the Lead Sound Designer, my role was to create unique music and sounds.

Free download available at:

8_ The Crew.jpg

Unlistened But Heard is an Electroacoustic Composition created using a Max MSP algorithm to automate field recording selection based on the comparative spectral qualities through FFT bin averages.

The project draws on Joiner Photography and Cubism as inspiration for using discontinuity to join materials in an abrupt way that emphasises the spectral quality of the field recordings.

Link Here!


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